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An Intelligent Home is one that adapts and responds to your every need while saving you time and money. The FIBARO system can do just that and so much more. Control your lights, blinds and heating at the touch of button or by voice control. Have you home prepare the coffee for you when you wake or adjust the temprature after you fall asleep. The home of tomorrow is possible today.

Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls

Heating Controls

Heating Controls

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Gates & Blinds

Gates & Blinds

Featured Products

Home Center 2

Smart Home Hub

Motion Sensor

Motion, light and temperature sensor

Smoke Sensor

Versatile Smoke Sensor


Make your home come alive

Smart Implant

Make all your appliances smart

Home Intelligence Is Waiting

A Home That Knows You

Simple Management

Quick and easy to view all your options for lights, garden watering, heating and so much more.

Automation Schedules

Easy Control

Your home working around your lifestyle. Your home can wake up or fall asleep around your schedule.

Effortless Comfort

Constant Monitoring

See what's happening in your home anytime from anywhere. Total home control in your hands.

Improved Economy

Total Savings

Monitoring power consumption means your home will save you money effortlessly by ensuring you are only using what matters.

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13 May 2020
13 May 2020